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Have you been applying for Jobs and


wondering why you don't see a response?


Here is a helpful webinar for Jobhunters / Career Hunters to help resolve most pressing questions you might have related to Jobhunting process.


This webinar brings you information on salary trends and industry insights allowing Jobhunters to gain a greater insight understanding of the current Job Market situation and position yourself well within the market.

Furthermore, in the Ask an Expert Career Coach Session, you will be able to interact and ask questions related to your specific Jobhunting Process with Jaya Bhatia, Career Coach and Founder of She has been a Recruiter and HR Advisor for 23 years in UAE Job Market and has dealt with over 20,000 Employers.


Who Should Attend?


This Webinar is designed to empower Job hunters registered at It’s a free webinar for Jobhunters to understand the UAE Job market and align their profile at to speed up their Jobhunting Process.You will be able to Ask an Expert Career Coach about your specific questions on UAE Job market and your Jobhunting Process to get advice right away!

Free Webinar for all Jobhunters at JobhuntGlobal