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What People Say About JobHunt

I have had the good fortune to know somebody like Jaya for like more than two years now which has been completely transformational for me as she has always been very helpful toward the kind of things that I
Popee Chanda
Head Of Business Development & Strategic Alliance - 23 Aug 2019
The Career Coaching Workshop by Ms. Jaya Bhatia was very informative and beneficial tome.
Awais Shafiq Sheikh
Career Hunter
Health Insurance Coordinator - 10 Sep 2016
I have been through the Career Coaching session and Jobhunts Team fulfilled all my expectations with expertise and due Customer Service Executive was excellent .The services were provided timely and I was s
Dilshod Riurbonoo
Synergy University
Student - 08 Nov 2015
I have been referred to Jobhunt HR and Management Consultancy by a friend but I really has a good time at their Workshop. Ms. Jaya Bhatia gave us a thorough understanding of the UAE Job Market, as well as t
Kaziba Juliys
Career Hunter
Sales &Marketing - 03 Sep 2016
I am pleasedwith the Jobhunt Workshop led by Ms. Jaya Bhatia.
Clifford Nivera
Career Hunter
Customer Service & Opeations Management - 21 Aug 2016
Jobhunt was quick in reponse and placed as an Customer Service Executive, with an leading Group of Companies, in U.A.E.
Ms. Mariam Obaid

U.A.E. National - 08 Oct 2008
I wholeheartedly Thank Ms. Jaya Bhatia for her invaluable inputs, nicely summarised and presented.
Vishnu Murthy
Career Hunter
Finance Manager - 12 Jan 2013
The Interview Skills Workshop was informative and I was satisfied with the consultants advice towards my jobhunting strategy, and I plan to be using these steps in my jobhunting.
Muhammad Shafi
Career Hunter
OPERATIONS - 21 Nov 2014
The Interview skills workshop was helpful and informative at the same time. The staff was cooperative and supportive.I will be following these steps in my jobhunting. I would also like to know more about the
Silvia Ivanova
Career Hunter
Medical Representative - 21 Nov 2014